Profile of FRPAC

Tatsujiro Kuzuno

Winner of the 1st Ainu Cultural Award (Individual)

Tatsujiro Kuzuno

 Because Tatsujiro Kuzuno believes that the best way to preserve things is to use them, he has tried to keep Ainu culture alive and prevent it from disappearing or becoming mere research records or museum samples. Kuzuno has long been active in recording his own knowledge, making it available to researchers and the general public. He has contributed greatly to the transmission and preservation of Ainu culture by serving as a priest at a number of rituals and celebrations, such as iomante (bear spirit-sending ritual) in various parts of Hokkaido.



Date of birth: April 10, 1910
Current address: Shizunai-cho, Shizunai-gun, Hokkaido


1977 Begins cooperating in the compilation of the "Emergency Report on Ainu Folk Cultural Properties" and many other surveys by the Hokkaido Board of Education (until 1996).
1978 Publishes "KIMUSUPO" at his own expense (published "Kimusupo V" in 1991, and currently writing "Kimusupo VI") .
1983 Cooperates in compiling "Recording and Preservation of Ainu Culture -- the progress in 20 years" by Association for The Transmission and Maintenance of Ainu Intangible Culture.
1985 Receives the Hokkaido Award for Distinguished Service for the Conservation of Cultural Properties.
1988 Serves as an instructor for (extension) class, "Learning from Ainu Culture" at Sapporo Gakuin University.
1993 Conducts kamuy-nomi at Shizunai Shakushain Memorial Hall.
1994 Conducts kamuy-nomi at asir cep kamuy nomi held by the Toyohira River in Sapporo.


*  Has cooperated in compiling many other surveys and the production of historical records.