Profile of FRPAC

Biratori Ainu Culture Preservation Society

Winner of the 2nd Ainu Culture Promotion Award (Organization)

Biratori Ainu Culture Preservation Society

The Society was established in 1983 to preserve and transmit the spiritual and material culture of the Ainu in everyday lives rather than merely as records. Since then, the Society has been active in passing on Ainu culture to local residents, especially to school children. It has also contributed greatly to the promotion of traditional Ainu culture to the world by emphasizing international exchanges with other indigenous peoples.



Inauguration: April 1983
Representative: Shigeru Kayano


1983 Biratori Ainu Culture Preservation Society established.
1984 Designated as an important intangible folk cultural property by the national government.
1989 Appears in the first Shishirimuka Ainu Culture Festival (has appeared in the festival for 10 consecutive years since).
1993 Appears in Nibutani Forum '93.
1994 Conducts demonstrations of folk dancing for teachers of social studies at a social and educational seminar held in the Hidaka district.
1995 Appears in the commemorative performance of culture and performing arts in Mihara Town.
1996 Presents cultural performances in Canada.


* Has presented many other performances.