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Biratori-cho Nibutani Ainu Language School

Winner of the 4th Ainu Cultural Promotion Award (Organization)

"Best Organization Preserving Important Intangible Folk Cultural Properties"

Biratori-cho Nibutani Ainu Language School

Moved by the idea that "The Ainu language must be taught to the children of Nibutani," the school opened in 1983 as the "Nibutani Ainu-go Juku (Nibutani Ainu Language School)" for the local primary and secondary school children. It was reorganized and renamed "Biratori-cho Nibutani Ainu Language School" in 1987, when the school was divided into two sections ?| one for children and one for adults. Ever since, the School's enthusiastic activities have made it a pioneer in Ainu language education as practiced throughout Hokkaido. Nibutani is the birthplace of Ainu language education.The School has played a key role in supplying information as it published transcripts of its lectures, "Easy Ainu Language (1)-(3)," and "Nibutani Ainu Language School." It has also functioned as a social education institution; the lively activities of the Children's Section have contributed immensely to uplift growing children's ethnic consciousness.



Inauguration:April 1983
Representative:Yuji Kawakami
Location:Biratori-cho, Saru-gun, Hokkaido


1988 Publishes the first newsletter "Nibutani Ainu Language School."
1989 Takes part in the speech contest at "Ainu Culture Festival." (Has participated yearly since)Performs "Drama in Ainu." (Has been performed yearly since)
1990 Holds the 1st "Shishirimka Ainu Culture Festival." (Has been held yearly since)
1994 The Children's Section receives the 17th "Hokkaido Juvenile Scientific Culture Promotion Award."


The School has given many other performances and has issued other publications.