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Chiri Mashiho wo katarukai (Club for Talking about Mashiho Chiri)

Winner of the 7th Ainu Cultural Promotion Award (Organization)

Chiri Mashiho wo katarukai (Club for Talking about Mashiho Chiri)

Since the foundation in 1988, the club has held lectures, costume exhibitions and other events annually in Noboribetsu, where few activities for handing down and preserving Ainu traditions and culture were conducted. By doing so, the Society has helped extensively spread Ainu culture among citizens. In addition, it has been active in preserving and handing down activities, which led to the evaluation as kind of a "model" of handing down Ainu culture in "underdeveloped area." The Society has thus contributed actively to the promotion, handing down and development of Ainu culture.

Inauguration:May, 1988
Representative:Yasuko Uetake
Location:Noboribetsu City, Hokkaido

1988 Hosts the 1st lecture "Noboribetsu in the Meiji era" (Since then, this lectures has been held 17 times as of last year.)
1994 Completes the Mashiho Chiri Data Room
1998 Publishes picture book "Ekasi's Cherry Blossoms (Ekasi no sakura)"
2002 Publishes the reprint of the first edition of "Ainu Divine Ballad (Ainu Shinyoshu)" by Yukie Chiri


* The Club has also hosted a great number of lectures and exhibitions.