Profile of FRPAC

Fumi Shiki

Winner of the 9th Ainu Cultural Promotion Award (Individual)

Fumi Shiki

She was born in Akan Town and has been in touch with the Ainu culture since her early childhood. She moved to Ainu kotan in Akan Kohan in 1955 and has since been engaged in the dissemination of the Ainu culture by participating in demonstrations of Ainu old-style dancing there. She has made contributions as a leader of transmission and preservation activities of the Ainu culture for younger generations for more than three decades.
Over the course of her activities, she has actively participated in events both at home and abroad, thereby introducing and promoting the Ainu culture.
She also has a profound knowledge of traditional Ainu rituals, cuisine and sewing, and has continually played a leading role in various kinds of rituals. She thus contributes greatly to the transmission, preservation and promotion of the Ainu culture as one of the few local storytellers.

Date of birth:September 20, 1924 (currently 81 years old)
Resident of Akan Kohan, Akan Town, Hokkaido

1955 Participates and cooperates in the Marimo Festival
1965 Visits Okinawa as a member of the Ainu Cultural Mission to Okinawa and deepens friendly exchanges there
1966 Cooperates in building the North-South Tower, which stands in Maehira, Okinawa Prefecture
1979 Visits Yunnan Province, China, and deepens friendly exchanges with local minorities
1984 Participates in the performance of “Iomante,” a yukar drama, in Hong Kong
1988 Provides instructions on Ainu culinary arts at the Food Festival, held under the auspices of the Hokkaido Government


* She has also cooperated with many surveys and investigations.