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Fusa Sugimura

Winner of the 5th Ainu Cultural Promotion Award (Individual)

Fusa Sugimura

After learning Ainu puri (Ainu custom), the Ainu language, songs, dances and methods to make Citarpe (flower-patterned mats) from her mother Kinarabukku, Fusa Sugimura has acquired Ainu tangible and intangible culture. She is instructing at the Asahikawa Ainu Language School as one of the few instructors in the Asahikawa area as well as at city elementary, junior high and high schools as an Ainu culture instructor, and actively engages in Ainu culture transmission and preservation activities.
Ainu folk items she made are exhibited in museums both inside and outside Hokkaido, and her activities in various fields greatly contribute to the promotion of Ainu culture.



Date of birth:April 12, 1929 (72 years old)
Resident of Asahikawa, Hokkaido


1974 Becomes an instructor at the Folk Department of Asahikawa Ryukoku High School."Kamikawa Ainu Research No. 34-Child Play 3 (2000)" presented by the Folk Department wins the best prize in the National High School Comprehensive Culture Festival Folk Research Division.
1983 Becomes an instructor of Ainu Cooking Class of the Nayoro Northern Country Museum.
1987 Becomes a teacher at Asahikawa Ainu Language School.
1994 Becomes an instructor of Ainu Craft "Citarpe (flower-patterned mats)" Lecture Class conducted as one of Asashikawa Livelihood House projects.
2000 Becomes an instructor of Asahikawa Hokko Elementary School Ainu Folk Culture Lecture Class.


* Fusa Sugimura has served as instructor on many other occasions.
* She has cooperated in many surveys and investigations.