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Imakichi Akibe

Winner of the 3rd Ainu Cultural Promotion Award (Individual)

Imakichi Akibe

Imakichi Akibe's parents acquainted him with tangible and intangible Ainu culture.Akibe is actively involved in the production of kamuinomi inaw (prayer sticks) and folkcraft articles, the construction of cise (houses), and making of dugouts and is still active as a regional leader.Akibe helped establish Lake Akan Ainu kotan (village), and has made efforts to improve the lives of the Ainu residents both in and outside the village since its early days. As an instructor at an Ainu language school and the sub-leader of the Akanko Yukar Theater, Akibe has played a leading role in the diffusion of and education on Ainu culture by presenting and performing in Yukar plays not only in Japan, but also in Paris, Hong Kong and other international cities.



Date of birth: March 24, 1922
Current address: Akan, Akan-gun, Hokkaido


1938 Learns Ainu wisdom and skills from his parents who inherited the Ainu culture.
1954 Participates in the establishment of the Lake Akan Ainu kotan.
1968 Participates in the establishment of the Lake Akan Ainu Culture Preservation Society.Serves as the sub-leader of the Akan Yukar Theater.
1985 Serves as the manager of the Akan Branch of the Ainu Association of Hokkaido.
1993 Serves as a priest at the Marimo Festival.
1998 Serves as the Chairman of the Lake Akan Ainu Association .Has given interviews to a number of researchers and research institutes.Various music aspects of the Ainu in Hokkaido (Yukio Kobayashi) Traditional dancing of the Ainu in Hokkaido (Japan Folk Dancing Research Society ) Living in a kotan (Ainu village) (a group of Asahi Shimbun reporters covering the Ainu)


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Traditional Ainu Dancing -- Shiraoi and Akan Edition
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