Profile of FRPAC

Ito Kimura

Winner of the 8th Ainu Cultural Promotion Award (Individual)

Ito Kimura

She lost her parents when she was young and spent her childhood with her aunts and grandparents, acquiring Ainu culture and customs through her daily living.
Currently, she actively takes part in events throughout the nation, where she demonstrates Uepeker (old tales) and Kamuy-yukar (divine ballad) that she has handed down. She is thus working as a driving force behind oral Ainu literature, as well. Preservation Society by serving as an instructor at the Nibutani Ainu Language Class.
Thanks to her many years of Ainu cultural acitivites, she receives the Biratori Town Merit of Education and Culture, as a person of merit in the transmission of Ainu culture. She has thus contributed to the promotion, dissemination and raising of awareness of Ainu culture.

Date of birth:December 18, 1925 (currently 78 years old)
Resident of Biratori Town, Saru-gun, Hokkaido

1983 Joins the Biratori Ainu Culture Preservation Society at the inception
1987 Joins the Nibutani Ainu Language Class
1992 Assumes the post of an instructor at the Biratori Ainu Language Class (up to the present)
1994 Takes part in Hokkaido University Ainu Charnel Icarpa (has since participated anually)
1995 Conducts oral narration at the sisirmuka Ainu Cultural Festival (Biratori Town; has since narrated every year)
1998 Assumes the post of an instructor at the Biratori Ainu Culture Preservation Society (up to the present)
2001 Introduces oral literature, kamuy-yukar(divine ballad) at the "National Culture Festival"(Gunma Prefecture)


* She has also cooperated with many surveys and investigations.