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Kameo Nomoto

Winner of the 4th Ainu Cultural Award (Individual)

Kameo Nomoto

Kameo Nomoto has played an important role in reviving Shiraoi Region ceremonies and rituals, which have been passed down to the future generations owing to his activities. He has also transmitted and preserved the skills of creating ritual and ceremonial instruments and daily tools - the tools produced today are all made under his guidance.In 1970, he took part in establishing the Shiraoi Minzoku Geino Hozonkai (Shiraoi Folk Performing Arts Preservation Society) and is also involved in its management. Through numerous performances of traditional Ainu dancing throughout the country and overseas, he has endeavored to introduce and teach Ainu culture. Currently, Ainu cultural organizations in the Shiraoi district are striving to transmit and preserve the culture as one. Much of the cultural contents to be learned was transmitted and preserved by him. He has greatly contributed to the promotion of Ainu culture through his activities which helped to pass down tangible and intangible culture to the present day.



Date of birth:March 10, 1917
Current address: Shiraoi-cho, Shiraoi-gun, Hokkaido


1970 Takes part in establishing the Shiraoi Minzoku Geino Hozonkai (Shiraoi Folk Performing Arts Preservation Society).
Since its establishment, he participated in many domestic and overseas public performances of traditional Ainu dancing.
1977 Gives guidance to "iomante (bear-sending ceremony)."He also instructed the ritual in 1978, 1980, 1989, 1990, and 1993.Gives instructions for "sinnurappa" held by the Shiraoi Minzoku Bunka Densho Hozon Zaidan (Shiraoi Foundation for the Transmission and Preservation of Ainu Culture). Thereafter, he has given guidance as it is held every year.
1986 Directs the restoration of "cip" and "cipsanke."
1990 Receives the Shiraoi Cultural Promotion Award.


* He has also given guidance to and held many ceremonies and rituals, as well as cooperated in many investigations and cultural recordings