Profile of FRPAC

Kamishihoro Utari Culture Transmission and Preservation Society

Winner of the 3rd Ainu Cultural Promotion Award (Organization)

Kamishihoro Utari Culture Transmission and Preservation Society

 The Society was established in 1984 for the transmission, preservation and dissemination of Ainu culture. Under the leadership of the late Tasuke Yamamoto, it has reenacted the Parato-Kotan Festival, Oppai-Yama Festival, as well as the unique Ainu Marek hook fishing since 1985. The Society has also supported the maintenance and management of the Ainu Botanical Garden which was developed by the Ainu Association of Hokkaido Kamishihoro Branch both in a practical and spiritual way, to represent the Ainu's appreciation for the blessings of nature and their lifestyle supported by nature. The Society is promoting the reproduction of traditional handicrafts since 1998 involving local residents.



Inauguration: November 1984

Representative: Tatsuhiro Nomura

Address: Kamishihoro-cho, Hokkaido


1981 Promotes explanations of the names of places in the town under the guidance of the late Tasuke Yamamoto.
1982 Contributes to the publication of the "Yukar Oppai-Yama " storybook

Plays a central role in the executive committee for the first Oppai-yama Festival (has held the festival yearly since).

1993 Holds the first gathering for marek hook fishing and citatap (has held the event yearly since).
1998 Starts reproduction of traditional Ainu handicrafts.