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Kanto Utarikai (Kanto Utari Association)

Winner of the 8th Ainu Cultural Promotion Award (Organization)

Kanto Utarikai (Kanto Utari Association)

The objectives of the Association are to establish rights as a race, stabilize daily lives and improve social standing while deepening friendly relations among members, and to accurately learn about and develop the Ainu language, history and culture. The Association has since conducted a variety of Ainu cultural activities throughout the nation for 25 years, such as the introduction of traditional Ainu cuisine and music performances.
Since 1993, the Association has embarked on the performance of "tonkori," traditional musical instruments, and the recording of music CDs, using music instruments produced by members.
The Association has made significant contributions to the Ainu in restoring their ethnic pride on their own, as well as the dissemination and raising of awareness of the culture.

Inauguration: July, 1980
Representative: Kiyoko Kitahara
Location: Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture

1981 Holds the "1st Exhibition of Works" (has since been held every other year)
1987 Holds the "Gathering for Ainu Culture and Human Rights" (has since been held annually)
1989 Holds the "Mother-and-Child Ainu Language Class" (has since been held annually)
2000 Release CD "Message from Ainu Ramaci (Soul of Ainu) -- Tunes of Tonkori, Five-Stringed Instrument"


* The Association has also participated in numerous events, festivals,etc.