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Kiyo Hikawa

Winner of the 3rd Ainu Cultural Award (Individual)

Kiyo Hikawa

Kiyo Hikawa has endeavored to pass on and preserve intangible Ainu culture for many years. She handed the traditional singing method down to the present. She and her late husband, Zenjiro Hikawa, were invited to traditional rituals held throughout Hokkaido and she played a leading role in passing down Ainu culture by teaching traditional manners and demonstrating singing and dancing. Mrs. Hikawa is over eighty years old and is still striving to contribute to the promotion of Ainu culture.



Date of birth: November 5, 1917
Current address: Teshikaga, Hokkaido


1950 Participates in the 1st Marimo Festival (has participated yearly since).
1974 Participates in the 1st Nokkamappu icarpa (has participated yearly since).
1981 Participates in the 1st asir cep nomi (has participating almost yearly since).
1983 Participates in the Kotan kor kamuy Iomante
1989 Participates in Iomante held by the Ainu Museum.
1994 Serves as a lecturer at the "Seminar for Workers Specializing in Ainu Folk Cultural Assets" of the Hokkaido Board of Education.
1996 Wins the Teshikaga Town Culture Award .Has given interviews to a number of researchers and research institutes.


* Report on Ainu Folk Cultural Assets Vol. 5 Hokkaido Board of Education
* Report on Ainu Folk Cultural Assets Vol. 17Hokkaido Board of Education
* Report on Ainu Folk Cultural Assets Vol. 18Hokkaido Board of Education

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