Profile of FRPAC

Kushiro Ainu Bunka Konwakai (Kushiro Ainu Culture Forum)

Winner of the 7th Ainu Cultural Promotion Award (Organization)

Kushiro Ainu Bunka Konwakai (Kushiro Ainu Culture Forum)

Since its inauguration, the Kushiro Ainu Culture Forum has continued to be active in research on and dissemination of Ainu culture for 17 years, and contributed to the promotion and popularization of Ainu culture by publishing the results in its journal "Kusuri." In addition, the Forum joins and cooperates in "sin rit icarpa" (ancestral worship) yearly hosted by Kushiro, Shiranuka, Akan and Kushiro Town Branches of the Ainu Association of Hokkaido, thus contributing immensely to facilitating the Ainu in restoring ethnic pride on their own.

Inauguration:August, 1986
Representative:Shigeyoshi Matsumoto
Location:Kushiro City, Hokkaido

1992-2001 "Kusuri" (Collections 1-9)
1998 Publishes "Ainu Mosir"


* The Forum has also participated in numerous events, festivals etc.