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Kushiro Ainu Language Class

Winner of the 9th Ainu Cultural Award (Organization)

Kushiro Ainu Language Class

Aiming to disseminate and transmit the Ainu language, Kushiro Ainu Language Class has continued the Ainu language education that takes local characteristics into account for 17 years since its foundation. As a result of teaching the Ainu language primarily prevalent in eastern Hokkaido, not only Ainu offspring, but also ordinary citizens and students currently receive theier lessons.
In addition to learning the Ainu language, students deepen their understanding of the culture by actively participating in traditional Ainu events and rituals. At the same time, the school is engaged in activities designed to disseminate the Ainu language with performances of traditional Ainu music and songs by teaching the meaning of lyrics and the names of musical instrument parts in the Ainu language.
Moreover, songs and performances in the Ainu language for which traditional arrangements are faithfully observed and inherited have been well received in various places, thereby contributing greatly not only to the preservation and transmission of the Ainu language, but also to the dissemination and promotion of the Ainu culture.

Inauguration : April 1989
Representative : Tokuhei Akibe
Location : Kushiro City, Hokkaido

1990 Participates in the 2nd Ainu Folk Culture Festival and appears in a “Drama in Ainu ”as well as competes in the small-scale Ainu Oratorical Contest
1991 Participates in the 3rd Ainu Folk Culture Festival and appears in a “Drama in Ainu”as well as competes in the Ainu Oratorical Contest
1998 Participates in the 10th Ainu Folk Culture Festival and appears in a “Drama in Ainu” as well as competes in the Ainu Oratorical Contest
2001 Performs Ainu old-style dancing and tonkori in an event to commemorate the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peple
2003 Participates in a gathering in Kushiro to commemorate the centennial of Yukie Chiri's birth


* They have also participated in many other Ainu language dramas, musical performances, pubulic performance of Ainu old-style songs and dancing, oratorical contests, and so on.