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Kyoko Sugimura

Winner of the 2nd Ainu Cultural Award (Individual)

Kyoko Sugimura

 Kyoko Sugimura inherited yukar (epic poetry for heroes), other oral literature, and traditional handicraft skills to produce emus'at (straps for carrying swords), saranip (straps for carrying a child ) and citarpe (fancy mats) from her late mother Kinarabukku , who had been famous as a successor of Ainu culture. With a strong ambition to spread traditional culture she passed her knowledge to as many people as possible. Sugimura has contributed greatly to the transmission and preservation of Ainu culture through the opening of an Ainu language school and the establishment of private archives.



Date of birth: March 3, 1926
Current address: Asahikawa, Hokkaido


1966 Begins recordings of yukar and other oral literature recited by Kinarabukku.
1974 Travels around China as a member of the First Ainu Delegation to China. Serves as the first manager of the Asahikawa Branch of the Ainu Association of Hokkaido.
1976 Serves as a director of the Ainu Association of Hokkaido.
1977 Cooperates in the recording of 40 pieces of oina (stories of natural deities) conducted bythe Association for the Transmission and Maintenance of Ainu Intangible Culture .
1989 Receives the Asahikawa Culture Promotion Award .
1993 Cooperates in the production of a documentary film "Seasons and Lives of the Ainu 4 - Living, Telling and Keeping" produced by the Ainu Intangible Culture Transmission and Preservation Society.


* Has cooperated in compiling many other surveys and the production of historical records