Profile of FRPAC

Masako Isobe

Winner of the 7th Ainu Cultural Promotion Award (Individual)

Masako Isobe

She has long participated in numerous events as a storyteller. Presently, her achievements in the Noboribetsu and Muroran regions are also enormous, through participation as an instructor, advisor and so forth.
She is also active as an instructor at the Noboribetsu Ainu Language Class. She also gives instructions on and hands down Ainu songs and dances unique to this region, e.g., "amamucnikap" and "isakaisepo" to her juniors.
Since she cooperates in advanced Ainu language courses as a speaker, she is an invaluable person in this area, where people who can speak the Ainu language are small in number.
She continues to contribute to the promotion, dissemination and enlightenment of Ainu culture by serving as an instructor for preparing Ainu cuisine and producing articles used daily by the Ainu, for example.

Resident of Muroran City, Hokkaido

1987 Gives instructions on "raomappu kamuy nomi" (later "pekkamu kamuy nomi") at the Noboribetsu Branch of the Ainu Association of Hokkaido
1988 Gives instructions on "kamuy nomi icharup" at the Muroran Branch; serves as an instructor of preparing Ainu cuisine and producing articles daily used by the Ainu at the Muroran Branch
1994 Guides the performance of "amamuikap" and "isakaisepo" at the Ainu Folk Culture Festival
1995 Assumes the post of an instructor at the Noboribetsu Ainu Language Class
1998- Teaches younger people in advanced Ainu Language courses as a speaker


* She has also cooperated with many surveys and investigations.