Profile of FRPAC

Mitsunori Masuno

Winner of the 4th Ainu Cultural Promotion Award (Individual)

Mitsunori Masuno

Mitsunori Masuno, who learned the Ainu lore, such as the language and yukar, from his grandmother, has participated in many ceremonies and has put much effort into transmitting and preserving Ainu culture. In particular, he has played a leading role as an instructor at the Shiranuka Ainu Language School since its establishment, contributing immensely to the upbringing of successors.
Furthermore, he has devoted himself to the investigative research of Ainu place-names as a board member of directors at the Shiranuka Chimei Kenkyukai (Shiranuka Place-Name Study Group). He made a remarkable achievement by compiling the book "Shiranuka No Ainu-go Chimei (the Ainu Place-Names of Shiranuka)."His enthusiasm for research has yet to diminish. Currently working on an investigation into Ainu family registration in the Meiji era, he still plays a major role in promoting Ainu culture.



Date of birth:November 1, 1926
Current address:Shiranuka-cho, Shiranuka-gun, Hokkaido


1979 Participates in establishing the Shiranuka Chimei Kenkyukai (Shiranuka Place-Name Study Group) as a board member.
1985 Takes part in the compilation of "Shiranuka No Ainu-go Chimei" issued by the Shiranuka Chimei Kenkyukai.
1995 Writes an article in "Kusuri Vol. 4" issued by the Kushiro Seikatsu Bunka Densho Hozon Kenkyukai (Kushiro Life and Culture Transmission and Preservation Study Group).
1999 Publishes a private publication, "Ainu Culture - Inaw, Partly Illustrating the Ainu Livelihood."


Mitsunori Masuno has also cooperated in many other investigations and cultural recordings.