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Noboru Ozeki

Winner of the 3rd Ainu Cultural Promotion Award (Individual)

Noboru Ozeki

Noboru Ozeki learned the Ainu language, mukkuri , Ainu songs and many other Ainu cultural traditions from his mother and grandmother since childhood. When he was thirty, he learned inaw making and rituals from the late Hiroshi Yamakawa, an heir to the Ainu culture. Now active as a priest for rituals and celebrations in Tokachi, Ozeki devotes himself to the training of successors as the only heir to the art of inaw making. As an instructor at an Ainu language school, he also promotes the Ainu culture at various opportunities that arise. He played a central role in having Ainu traditions designated as intangible cultural properties by the City of Obihiro in 1982 and as important intangible folk cultural properties by the national government in 1984.



Date of birth: February 17, 1924
Current address: Obihiro, Hokkaido


1972 Serves as a priest for the Hakujahime Festival in Shikaoi (has participated yearly since).
1973 Serves as a priest for the Chomatou memorial service (has participated yearly since) .
1988 Serves as a priest for the Utari joint memorial service (has participated yearly since) .
1990 Trains successors as an instructor at the Obihiro Ainu Language School.
1993/94 Serves as an advisor for the Obihiro Kamuitou-upopo Preservation Society .
1995 Serves as the Vice Chairman of the Obihiro Kamuitou-upopo Preservation Society.


Ozeki has participated in a variety of events since the mid-1970s. His activities are covered by many newspapers and other media. He also appeared in Ainu-related programs of NHK and other broadcasters.