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Obihiro Kamuitou-upopo Preservation Society

Winner of the 3rd Ainu Cultural Promotion Award (Organization)

Obihiro Kamuitou-upopo Preservation Society
(Important intangible folk cultural property)

 Due to the pride of the Ainu, the Society was able to preserve Ainu culture and traditional dancing unique to the region while struggling against suppression since around 1955. The Tokachi Ainu Upopo Society was established in 1957 and actively partook in traditional dancing, the Bear Festival, the Hokkaido Ainu Festival and other events. Its name was changed to the Obihiro Kamuitou-upopo Preservation Society in 1964 to promote Ainu culture within and outside of Hokkaido. The Society, which passes on unique Ainu culture, reenacts the history of colonization in Tokachi with singing and dancing to let people know about the good relations that existed between the Ainu and private settlers in those days. Its achievements have been highly evaluated and supported by many citizens and Ainu researchers. There have been many requests for the Society to perform outside Hokkaido in recent years. The promotion of Ainu culture by the Society has greatly contributed to a deeper understanding of Ainu culture. Besides dancing and singing, the Society engages in the restoration and production of costumes and folkcraft articles.



Inauguration: August 1964

Representative: Kenichi Yoshine

Address: Obihiro, Hokkaido


1967 Appears on NHK "Furusato no Uta Matsuri (Festival of Folk Songs)."
1984 Designated by the national government as an important intangible folk cultural property.
1993 Appears on the National Block Folk Performing Arts Contest to Commemorate the International Year of Indigenous Peoples .
1996 Appears in the Ainu Culture Festival. Appears in the NHK program "Dontokoi Minyo."

Appears in the "Hana (Flower) & Haru (Spring) Festa" in Tokushima. Appears in the Citizens' Gathering for the Constitution Day '98 in Toyonaka.

1999  Appears in the Takeshiro Festival in Mikumo-cho, Mie.Appears in an event to commemorate the International Day of Indigenous Peoples in Abashiri.