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Peure Utari Society

Winner of the 9th Ainu Cultural Award (Organization)

Peure Utari Society

Since its foundation, centering on social gathering for Utari and Japanese youths in Hokkaido, the Peure Utari Society has been engaged in activities aiming to actualize a society in which the oppression, resistance, prejudice and discrimination seen in the history of the Ainu are eliminated, and one in which peole understand each other, as the Japanese and human beings, and refrain from hurting one another.
The Society also contributes immensely to the promotion and the facilitation of research on the Ainu culture through cultural stadies, investigative reports and participating in educational research meetings.

Inauguration : September 1964
Representative : Etsuko Aoki
Location : Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture

1964 Issues the first issue of bulletin “Peure Utari” (issued yearly since ; currently №45)
1967 Makes practical report for the 7th Joint Research Meeting (in Kushiro) of private educational research organizations of Hokkaido
1991 Hosts the Northern Territories as Seen by the Ainu symposium
2000 Lectures at the“Japanese Society as Seen by the Ainu” meeting (in Kochi )


* They have also participated in many other literary works,numerous other events, festivals, etc.