Profile of FRPAC

Promotion of dissemination of knowledge

Provision of public information

  1. Publishing leaflets and other materials
    Publicity materials, including pamphlets introducing the history and culture of the Ainu, will be issued to promote understanding regarding the history and culture of the Ainu among the general public.
  2. Internet Website
    This is a project aimed at providing a variety of information and disseminating knowledge on Ainu culture to people within and outside of Japan through the Internet.
    An English home page is also available.
  3. Provision of information via digital terrestrial broadcasting services
    The aims of this project are to provide information on Ainu culture using digital terrestrial broadcasting services and to raise awareness of Ainu culture on a largescale.

Preparation and distribution of textbooks for elementary and junior high school students

This is a project aimed at producing a textbook and distributing it to elementary and junior high schools throughout the nation to promote the dissemination and understanding of the Ainu traditions, in order to facilitate children's understanding of the history and culture of the Ainu.

Dissemination of knowledge about the Ainu for parents and children

In this project, a contest of original stories is held. Excellent works are commended and published as picture books for young children, which will be distributed to nursery schools and other facilities in Hokkaido to disseminate knowledge about the history and culture of the Ainu.

<Application deadline for 2012>

  • Due September 28 (Fri.), 2012


  • Grand prize --- 1 work
  • Prize --- 2 works
  • Honorable mention --- 7 works

Dissemination of knowledge about the Ainu for parents and children

This is a project aimed at holding seminars to provide opportunities for advanced study of subjects related to Ainu traditions. These seminars provide in-depth knowledge to people with a basic knowledge of Ainu traditions, as well as to people involved in school and social education.


The purpose of this project is to disseminate knowledge on Ainu traditions by holding lectures for the general public throughout the nation, choosing basic subjects which are related to Ainu traditions and culture, that are suitable to the social conditions of each area. Also this fiscal year, the Ainu Cultural Festival will be held concurrently at each venue.

Dissemination of knowledge of New Chitose Airport

This project entails the placement of exhibits and brochures depicting images of Ainu traditions and culture at New Chitose Airport with the aim of encouraging visitors to take an interest in Ainu culture during their time in Hokkaido. This is expected to raise the profile of Japan's indigenous Ainu people as residents of Hokkaido and increase people's awareness of Ainu culture.