Profile of FRPAC

Rera no Kai (Rera Club)

Winner of the 8th Ainu Cultural Promotion Award (Organization)

Rera no Kai (Rera Club)

The objectives of this organization are exchanges among the Ainu and Utari residing in the Kanto region, the restoration of Ainu people's rights, the handing down of culture and enlightenment activities concerning the Ainu for the benefit of the general public.
Since its establishment, it has actively provided lectures on Ainu culture, performances of the Ainu old-style dancing and preparation of traditional Ainu cuisine throughout the nation.
In addition, it owns and operates "Rera cise," an Ainu restaurant in Tokyo, while rigorously promoting campaign aiming to disseminate and enhance awareness about Ainu culture, as well as to restore the rights of the Ainu.

Representative:Osamu Hasegawa
Location:Nakano Ward,Tokyo

1981 Performes the Ainu old-style dancing at the "ca ranke" (Nakano Ward)
1987 Publishes "Road to Rera Cise -- This is how an Ainu restaurant was opened in Tokyo"
1989 Performes the Ainu old-style dancing at Tachibana Women's High School
2000 Performes the Ainu old-style dancing at the Osaka Human Rights Museum


* The Club also participated in numerous events, festivals, etc.