Profile of FRPAC

Revival of Ainu traditional life style

Ainu cultre is closely connected to nature. The preservation, succession and further development of Ainu culture requires restoring nature, which has nurtured Ainu culture, and reviving and improving natural spaces to secure natural materials necessary for individual cultural activities. Nevertheless, few measures have been taken to secure these natural resources thus far.
The revival of Ainu traditional life style image the traditional life style of Ainu people who live together with nature and will create an adequate supply of the natural materials necessary for individual activities that pass down Ainu culture and establish nature-based spaces.
In addition, it is also necessary to share information and raise awareness concerning Ainu traditions and culture across the entire nation by making effective use of these spaces.

1. Revival of Ainu traditional life style

  • Utilization of spaces
    This aims of this project are to develop an operation and management system that supports the restoration of traditional Ainu living habitats (known as iwor-places where Ainu people lived in harmony with nature), the establishment of spaces in which to grow natural materials, the effective use of such spaces to raise public awareness of Ainu culture and provide related information, and the implementation of a series of processes from the acquisition to the consumption of natural materials.
  • Development of natural materials
    With this project, plants that are necessary for activities that pass down Ainu culture and are in short supply are cultivated in conditions similar to those that naturally occur in mountains, bogs, wetlands, etc. In addition, natural materials with insufficient absolute amount, such as Manchurian elm (Ulmus Iaciniata MAYR), are planted and cultivated on an experimental basis.
  • Experience of cultural exchange
    This is a probative project for the public to carry out Ainu culture experience by utilizing natural materials.
  • Fostering transmitters of Ainu culture
    This project is to foster transmitters who will shoulder future transmission activities for Ainu culture.