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Riyo Nomoto

Winner of the 3rd Ainu Cultural Promotion Award (Individual)

Riyo Nomoto

 While training successors as a leader of general tangible and intangible Ainu culture since the Poroto kotan (Ainu Museum) was established in 1965, Riyo Nomoto has been active in passing down and preserving Ainu culture herself. Nomoto played a central role to get traditional Ainu dancing designated as an important intangible folk cultural asset by the national government in 1976. She has devoted herself to the transmission and preservation of traditional dancing that she had learnt from her mother, as well as of women's handwork skills -- such as production of ruunpe and attus (different kinds of garments), emus'at (straps for carrying swords), saranip(woven baskets), kina (mats) and citarpe (mats); traditional cooking; and processing of Japanese linden and elm bark. Still maintaining a sincere attitude toward her work despite being over seventy now, Nomoto is regarded as a role model for the many successors to the Ainu culture.



Date of birth: March 31, 1928
Current address: Shiraoi-cho, Shiraoi-gun, Hokkaido


1940 Learns traditional dancing and women's handwork from her mother, Kino Kumano, who inherited the Ainu culture.
1965 Starts working for the Shiraoi Porotokotan (Ainu Museum). Presents and promotes Ainu dancing to the general public while training her successors.
1970 Involves in the establishment of the Shiraoi Minzoku Geinou Hozonkai .
1976 Starts working for the Shiraoi Foundation for the Preservation of Ainu Culture at the time of its establishment. Serves as a performing arts adviser of the Foundation.
1993 Receives the Shiraoi Culture Promotion Award .Has participated in public performances of traditional Ainu dancing since
1970  as a member of the Shiraoi Society for the Preservation of Folk Performing Arts, and has worked at the Shiraoi Foundation for the Preservation of Ainu Culture and the Ainu Museum. Has appeared in more than 60 performances, including the "Japanese Festival" at the World Expo in Japan in 1970.