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Sada Ueno

Winner of the 5th Ainu Cultural Award (Individual)

Sada Ueno

As Sada Ueno took over intangible and tangible Ainu culture from her parents, she began Ainu culture transmission and preservation activities focusing on traditional Ainu dancing from late 1945. After having played a central role in the establishment of the Obihiro Kamuitou-upopo Preservation Society, she is still taking an active role as the core member of this Preservation Society at an advanced age, and instructing successors.She has also served as a teacher at the Obihiro Ainu Language School since its establishment as one of the few speakers of the Ainu language in the Tokachi area, devoting her energies to transmission and preservation of the language. In addition, she is engaging in the training of successors across a wide range of fields, such as Ainu folk costumes and Ainu cooking, greatly contributing to the promotion of Ainu culture.



Date of birth:January 20, 1921 (80 years old)
Resident of Obihiro, Hokkaido


1957 Contributes to the establishment of the Obihiro Kamuitou-upopo Preservation Society.
1992 Cooperates in the Ainu ethnic surveys conducted by the Hokkaido Board of Education: "1992 Ainu Folk Cultural Properties Survey Report, Ainu Folk Surveys 12 (East Hokkaido area)".
1993 Becomes a teacher at Obihiro Ainu Language School.
1993 Cooperates in the hearing surveys conducted by the Obihiro Centennial Memorial Hall.
1998 Receives the Obihiro City Cultural Award.
2000 Receives the Hokkaido Cultural Properties Protection Merit Medal.
2001 Becomes an instructor of the Ainu Language Radio Course.


* Sada Ueno has participated in many other traditional Ainu dance performances.
* She has also cooperated in many other surveys and investigations.