Profile of FRPAC

Saki Toyama

Winner of the 8th Ainu Cultural Promotion Award (Individual)

Saki Toyama

She has worked hard in handing down local Ainu culture as a storyteller who has acquired broad knowledge, skills and techniques about Ainu culture as a whole. She has been an active member of the Anecha Folkcraft Study Group (Predecessor of the Urakawa Utari Culture Preservation Society) since its foundation in 1972, getting engaged in activities to transmit and preserve Ainu culture.
She also serves as an instructor at seminars on Ainu culture, training sessions for teachers specializing in Ainu folklore and for employees for the Ainu Museum, as well as giving lessons at the Hokkaido Vocational Training School Weaving Course in the Urakawa region, the Urakawa Ainu Language Class, seminars at the Urakawa Folk Museum and so forth. She has thus made significant contribution to the transmission, preservation, dissemination and enlightenment of Ainu culture in Hokkaido.

Date of birth: June 12, 1928 (currently 76 years old)
Resident of Urakawa Town, Urakawa-gun, Hokkaido

1962 Assumes the post of the Director, Anecha Folkcraft Study Group
1971 Wins a prize at the Hidaka Folk Crafts Contest
1975 Assumes the post of the Director, Ainu Traditional Culture Preservation Society
1978 Assumes the post of the Vice President, Urakawa Utari Culture Preservation Society
1979 Assumes the post of the Director, Urakawa Utari Culture Preservation Society
1982 Assumes the post of an instructor at the Hokkaido Advanced Vocational School Intensive Weaving Course
1988 Wins the Urakawa Cultural Merit Medal
1998 Makes an appearance at the "World Jew's Harp Festival"
2001 Wins the 37th Hokkaido Cultural Properties Protection Merit Medal


* She has also cooperated with many surveys and investigations
* She has also won prizes at many folk crafts contests.