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Sapporo Ainu Culture Association

Winner of the 5th Ainu Cultural Promotion Award (Organization)

Sapporo Ainu Culture Association

Under the guidance of Ekasi and Fuchi living in various places in Hokkaido for the methods of performing ceremonies and reproduction of tools, the Sapporo Ainu Culture Association called Autari (our fellows) living in various regions to participate, and revived the Ainu folk traditional ceremony, Asircep・Nomi (ceremony to welcome new salmon), for the first time in 100 years.Despite considerable difficulties in performing this ceremony in large cities, our tenacious preparations enabled many Autari's participation from all over Hokkaido in the ceremony. This ceremony had great ripple effects on the revival of traditional ceremonies and dances across Hokkaido. It can be said that this ceremony is currently rooted as one genre of Sapporo culture. As a number of participants were from Hokkaido as well as Honshu and overseas, they contributed greatly to the understanding, transmission and development of Ainu traditional culture, and its achievements are great.



Inauguration:April 1981
Representative:Shigeo Toyokawa
Location:Sapporo, Hokkaido


1981 Holds Asircep・Nomi (have performed every year since).
1985 Conducts exchange project with indigenous Canadian people (Kwakiutl).
1991 Holds Asircep・Nomi Forum (10th anniversary special project).
1992 Performs Haruekanhokamuynomi (Shizunai).
1993 Holds Special Exhibition for International Year for the World's Indigenous People
1995 Conducts exchange project with Inuit (Canadian Northwestern Territory).
1996 Invites Russian indigenous people (Nanai, Nivkh and Uilta).


* Sapporo Ainu Culture Association has cooperated in many other research reports, investigations and recordings.