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Seino Araida

Winner of the 5th Ainu Cultural Award (Individual)

Seino Araida

Seino Araida plays a major role as a regional leader by serving as a teacher at the Mukawa Ainu Language School and as one of the few traditionalists of the Ainu language and oral literature, including Kamuyyukar (divine ballad), passed down in the Mukawa area, and is positively engaging in transmission and preservation activities of the Ainu language, cooperating in hearing surveys and research conducted by various organizations including the Hokkaido Board of Education.She has also played a central role in the activities of the Mukawa Ainu Culture Transmission and Preservation Society since its foundation and is contributing greatly to the Ainu culture promotion by taking part in public performances of traditional Ainu dancing and presently at an advanced age, still giving guidance on dances and songs for training of successors.



Date of birth: April 4, 1917 (84 years old)
Resident of Mukawa, Yufutsu-gun, Hokkaido


1980 Contributes to the establishment of the Mukawa Ainu Culture Transmission and Preservation Society.
1988 Cooperates in the Ainu ethnic surveys conducted by the Hokkaido Board of Education: "1988 Ainu Folk Cultural Properties Survey Report, Ainu Folk Surveys VIII (Mukawa-Usu area)."
1992 Becomes a teacher at Mukawa Ainu Language School.
1993 Becomes an instructor at Ainu Cooking Lecture Class conducted as one of the Mukawa Livelihood House projects.
1995 Receives Hokkaido Cultural Properties Protection Merit Medal.
1995 Receives Mukawa Cultural Award.
1997 Introduces oral literature in "Ainu Folk Culture Festival" hosted by the Ainu Association of Hokkaido.


* Seino Araida has participated in many other traditional Ainu dance performances.
* She has also cooperated in many other surveys and investigations.