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Shiranuka Ainu Culture Preservation Society

Winner of the 3rd Ainu Cultural Promotion Award (Organization)

Shiranuka Ainu Culture Preservation Society
(Important intangible folk cultural property) 

The Society was formed in 1984 to promote research, preservation and transmission of Ainu culture in Shiranuka. Since then, it has been active in preservation and transmission of traditional dancing and other cultural activities. The Society presents traditional Ainu dancing, rituals and other activities to transmit and diffuse tangible and intangible folk cultural properties at a variety of cultural events within and outside of the town every year. In particular, its traditional dancing is highly evaluated as a reminder of the days when the Ainu's living was closely related to their unique religion and art.



Inauguration: April 1984
Representative: Shozo Sugawara

Address: Shiranuka-cho, Hokkaido




1990 - 98 Performs at the Folk Culture Festival
1994 Designated as an important intangible folk cultural property by the national government.Performs the rimse ceremony at the World Celebration Expo "Matsuri Mie '94 ."
1995 Performs for the special research presentation "The Heart and Form of Ainu Dancing ."Receives Shiranuka Town Culture Promotion Award .
1996 Performs for a seminar held by the Asahikawa Chikappuni Ainu Folk Culture Preservation Society .
1997 Performs for the Ainu old-style dancing performance of the Furano Children's Art Theater.
1998 Performs at the Local Performing Art Festival.Performs traditional Ainu dancing at Shiranuka Town General Culture Festival .Performs at the 14th Oppai-yama Festival .