Profile of FRPAC

Shiraoi Minzoku Geinou Hozonkai

Winner of the 2nd Ainu Culture Promotion Award (Organization)

Shiraoi Minzoku Geinou Hozonkai

The Society was established in 1970 to transmit and preserve intangible Ainu culture which has been handed down in Shiraoi and surrounding areas. It has been promoting traditional Ainu culture in the world by giving many performances in the U.K., Finland and other European countries. The Society has also contributed greatly to the promotion of Ainu culture in Japan by giving more than 50 performances.



Inauguration: June 1970
Representative: Kazuyuki Yamamaru


1970 Shiraoi Folk Performing Arts Preservation Society established. Appears in the "Festivals of Japan" (Suita) at the Osaka Expo.
1972 Appears in "Events of the North" (Sapporo) at the Sapporo Olympic Winter Games.
1984 Designated as an important intangible folk cultural property by the national government.
1985 Appears in "Festivals of Japan" (Tsuchiura) at the International Science and Technology Exposition (Tsukuba '85) .
1988 Presents "Traditional Performing Arts in Two Scandinavian Countries" in Finland and Sweden.
1995 Performs in the U.K.
1996 Performs in Finland and Denmark.
1997 Performs in Taiwan.


* Has presented many other performances