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Tomeno Sawai

Winner of the 1st Ainu Cultural Award (Individual)

Tomeno Sawai

 Tomeno Sawai has striven to transmit and preserve the Ainu language, songs, oral literature and other Ainu culture for many years. Sawai cooperated in the editing of "Tomeno Sawai's Tokachi Honbetsu Ainu Language Thesaurus -- humans, animals, plants and folkcraft articles" (published by Honbetsu Board of Education, 1989), and has been a great help in the transmission and preservation of the Tokachi dialect of the Ainu language, of which there are not many records and data. Sawai has promoted transmission and preservation of Ainu culture with increasing enthusiasm and contributed greatly to the prosperity of Ainu culture.



Date of birth: June 7, 1909
Current address: Honbetsu-cho, Nakagawa-gun, Hokkaido


1965 Cooperates in the production of "Traditional Ainu Music" produced by Japan Broadcast Publishing Co., Ltd..
1979 Cooperates in compiling the "1978 Emergency Report on Ainu Folk Cultural Properties -- Intangible Folk Cultural Properties Vol. 4 (Tokachi District) " and many other reports by the Hokkaido Board of Education until 1993. Cooperates in editing "Basic Vocabulary of the Ainu Language (Tobetsu and Honbetsu dialects).
1987 Receives Honbetsu Culture Promotion Award .
1989 Cooperates in editing "Tomeno Sawai's Tokachi Honbetsu Ainu Language Thesaurus."
1991 Cooperates in making a documentary film "People Transmitting Ainu Culture ikar kar , Nomi and Itak " produced by Association for The Transmission and Maintenance of Ainu Intangible Culture.
1992 Receives Honbetsu Town Culture Award. Receives Hokkaido Award for Distinguished Service for the Conservation of Cultural Properties.


*  Has cooperated in many other surveys and the production of historical records.