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The 1st Ainu Oratorical Contest (Feb. 21, 1998)

Currently, there are language schools in 14 regions within Hokkaido, not to mention others in regions such as Kanto, where many people study the Ainu language - a language unique to the Ainu people.
The Ainu Oratorical Contest is held to give students the opportunity to show each other what they have studied, to communicate and exchange information with people from other areas studying the language in the same way, and to bring people of the local community where it is held, in touch with the Ainu language and culture.
The 12 participants, competing in 9 groups, came from various areas of Hokkaido and even from Saitama Prefecture, widely ranging from junior high-school students to people in their 70's. Their performances covered various genres of drama, literature and speech.


Judges(honorific titles omitted)
Chairman Hisakazu Fujimura (Professor, Hokkaigakuen University)
Judges Seino Araida (Teacher, Mukawa Ainu Language School)
Seijiro Yae (Teacher, Kushiro Ainu Language School)
Mutsuko Nakamoto (Teacher, Chitose Ainu Language School)


Results(honorific titles omitted)
First Prize "The Story of My Experience" (additional story told)Fuyuko Yoshimura (Mukawa-cho, Hokkaido)
Second Prize "No Title" Suekichi Torao (Shizunai, Hokkaido)
"No Title" Kiyoko Kitahara (Ageo, Saitama Pref.)
"The Dream of an Obatarian (middle-aged woman)" Hisako Miyata (Kushiro, Hokkaido)
Third Prize "The Kotan Drawn in the Sky" Hiromi Tamura (Aibetsu-cho, Hokkaido)
"The Message I Wish to Convey from My Heart" Hiroko Katayama (Mukawa-cho, Hokkaido)
"Who Are You?" Taketo Yoshikawa (Kushiro, Hokkaido)
Namie Yae (Kushiro, Hokkaido)
"Ainu Conversation" Kazutomi Uetake (Noboribetsu, Hokkaido)
Akiko Hayashi (Noboribetsu, Hokkaido)
Toshikazu Togashi (Noboribetsu, Hokkaido)
"No Title" Junya Tahara (Sapporo, Hokkaido)