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Toki Aoki

Winner of the 4th Ainu Cultural Promotion Award (Individual)

Toki Aoki

Although her parents were well versed in the Ainu language and Aynupuri (Ainu lore), she grew up without learning to speak the language or hearing it at home, due to the policy of "assimilating into Japanese will be good for the Ainu people." However, through her acquaintance with Chieki Kaizawa, she became a preserver and transmitter of the Ainu language, uepeker and traditional Ainu dancing. Still active as the local cultural leader, Toki Aoki teaches at the Ainu Language School and gives traditional Ainu cooking classes, while she also appears in documentaries. She has immensely contributed to the promotion of tangible and intangible Ainu culture through partaking public cultural performances throughout the country.



Date of birth:September 25, 1915
Current address:Biratori-cho, Saru-gun, Hokkaido


1934 Starts working for Doctor Neil Gordon Munro Research Center.
1971 Takes part in establishing the Biratori Ainu Bunka Hozonkai (Biratori Ainu Culture Preservation Society).
1983 Participates in activities of the Biratori Ainu Bunka Hozonkai (Biratori Ainu Culture Preservation Society).
1992 Instructor of children's classes at the Biratori-cho Nibutani Ainu Language School.
1996 Instructor of Ainu traditional cooking classes.
1996 Appears in the documentary "At the Foot of Shishirimuka - a documentary on transmitting Ainu culture" produced by the Hokkaido Development Agency and Biratori Town.


Toki Aoki has also participated in many public performances of traditional Ainu dancing, as well as cooperating in many investigations and cultural recordings.