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Tomo Kirimoto

Winner of the 5th Ainu Cultural Promotion Award (Individual)

Tomo Kirimoto

After marrying at 16, Tomo Kirimoto learned Ainu tangible and intangible culture, such as ceremonies, rituals, traditional Ainu dancing and Kina・Attus (woven textile), while engaging in agriculture, however, she hesitated to publicize things she inherited and her products due to severe discrimination at that time. She began transmission activities through her relatives from around 1981, and transmission and preservation of Ainu culture associated with food, clothing and shelter, such as ceremonies, rituals and lifestyles that were handed down to the Mitsuishi area, are greatly attributed to her teaching.
Currently at 100 years old, she is still cooperating in hearing surveys, and her achievements transmitting Ainu tangible and intangible culture to the present greatly contribute to the promotion of Ainu culture.



Date of birth: December 20, 1900 (100 years old)
Resident of Mitsuishi-cho, Mitsuishi-gun, Hokkaido


2000 Cooperates in Ainu lifestyle hearing survey project
2002 Cooperates in Ainu lifestyle hearing survey project.


* Tomo Kirimoto has participated in many ceremonies and rituals.