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Torakichi Shimizu

Winner of the 3rd Ainu Cultural Promotion Award (Individual)

Torakichi Shimizu

 Torakichi Shimizu has been an active member of the Niikappu Branch (of the Ainu Association of Hokkaido ) since the branch was established in 1946. Shimizu played a central role in holding funerals for deceased people without relatives and establishing Hangandate , and held icarpa rituals for them. Since then, he has served as a priest for ceremonies and rituals held in his local district and other parts of Hokkaido. Shimizu also devotes himself to training of successors in inaw making, Ainu cooking and horippa. His achievements in passing down the Ainu history and culture for over 50 years are recognized by local residents, as well as many other people.



Date of birth: December 9, 1922
Current address: Niikappu-cho, Niikappu-gun, Hokkaido


1994 - 99 Serves as an Icharpa priest at the Niikappu Branch.
1994 - 98 Serves as a priest for Shakushain memorial services.
1994 - 98 Serves as an Icharpa priest at the Ainu charnel of Hokkaido University.

Serves as a Kamuinomi priest for the completion ceremony of the Mukawa Mu・pet Hall. Serves as an Icharpa priest for Okinawa kimun utari.

1996 Serves as an Icharpa priest at the Tomakomai Branch.
1997 Serves as a Kamuy nomi priest for the excavation of Ainu bones in Yoichi. Related events held by the Niikappu Branch Training of successors in Ainu cooking and horippa.