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Shizue Ukaji

Winner of the 8th Ainu Cultural Promotion Award (Individual)

Shizue Ukaji

She was born in Urakawa Town, Hokkaido.
She moved to Tokyo at the aged of 23, where she busied herself disseminating traditional Ainu culture while fighting against prejudice and discrimination against the Ainu in the Kanto region.
Renowned also as a producer of Ainu embroidary, traditional costumes and cloth drawing, she is highly regarded not only in Japan, but also overseas.
While engaging herself in cultural dissemination activities as a member of the Kanto Utari Association, she conducts lecture and cultural dissemination activities at administrative and educational institutions throughout the nation as an advisor for Ainu cultural activities in order to communicate Ainu lifestyles and social conditions to as many people as possible. She is also actively engaged in cultivating successors. She has thus made great contribution to the dissemination, transmission and preservation of Ainu culture.

Date of birth: March 16, 1933 (currently 71 years old)
Resident of Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture

1967 Contributes to the organization of the Tokyo Utari Association
1996 Holds the "Shizue Ukaji World Exhibition of Ancient Cloth Drawing" (Toured nationwide for exhibitions and lectures)
2001 Participates in cultural exchanges with Native Americans in the U.S.; gives a lecture at Harvard University
2002 Heads a cultural exchange delegation to Europe; gives a lecture in Munich
2003 Wins the outstanding performance award at the Ainu Craftwork Contest (Organizer: The Foundation for Research and Promotion of Ainu Culture)


* She has also cooperated with many surveys and investigations.