1999 Ainu craftwork Contest (July 24 - 26, 1999)

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1999 Ainu craftwork Contest (July 24 - 26, 1999)

A contest of handicrafts and modern articles based on traditional Ainu skills was held for three days starting on July 24 at the exhibition hall on the first floor of Kaderu 2¥7 (Hokkaido Citizens' Activity Center ) in Sapporo. Although the Ainu has a wonderful culture, including clothes with artistic patterns and unique hunting gear, the skills needed to produce some of them have already been lost. This contest aimed to recognize excellent creations, improve skills and facilitate artistic activities in order to restore the lost skills and promote modern creative activities using such skills.

The contest comprised the following three categories:

  1. Traditional weaving and embroidery articles
  2. Traditional woodcraft articles
  3. Other Ainu handicraft items (traditional items excluding 1 and 2, modern items)

There were 201 entries in total.

The prize-awarding ceremony was held on July 26 at the exhibition hall in the presence of prize winners. The three first prize winners received certificates, souvenirs and monetary prizes (\100,000) each. The three second prize winners received certificates and souvenirs. The ten third prize winners received certificates. The following are the entries of the winners.

  • First prize winners
    Traditional weaving and embroidery articles

    Takeko Kaizawa(Sapporo) -- attus amip with 500 warp yarns

    Other Ainu handicraft items
    Masakatsu Shitomi(Kushiro) -- makiri (knife)
    Shinobu Sugimura(Kitahiroshima) -- necklace
  • Third prize winners
    Koji Kaizawa -- makiri (knife)
    Koji Kaizawa -- tanpakuop (tobacco container)
    Nobuko Tsuda -- emus'at (sword carrying strap)
    Keiko Takano -- hos (leg protectors)
    Kazuko Takekawa -- emus'at (sword carrying strap)
    Shuko Izawa -- matanpus (headband)
    Takeko Kaizawa -- attus with 500 warp yarns (cloth made of elm bark and the loom used for it)
    Fumiro Sugimura -- kuwa (stick)
    Nobuko Tsuda -- pyuchiopu (flint container)
    Machiko Kato -- attus tapestry (cloth made of elm bark)