Dissemination of Ainu culture

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Dissemination of Ainu culture

Subsidizing traditional craftwork exhibitions and releases

This is a project aiming to enhance the motivation, knowledge and skill of passing on traditional industrial art and its technique of the Ainu by partially subsidizing individuals and groups engaged in excellent craftwork exhibitions and releases.

Dispatch of advisors

In response to requests from culture groups and schools that are trying to deepen their understanding of the Ainu's lifestyle and culture, or to learn Ainu skills, people with expertise or experience are dispatched as "advisors on Ainu cultural activities" for the promotion of Ainu culture.

  • Total number of commissioned advisors: 304 (as of Jun , 2012)

Craftwork exhibitions

This is a project aimed at promoting the understanding of Ainu culture among the general public and enhancing the desire of the Ainu to transmit their culture by holding exhibitions on Ainu craftwork, including folk costumes, daily tools and ritualistic tools, owned by museums and other facilities within and outside of Japan.

<Scheduled dates of exhibitions in 2012>
"Ainu Art-Kaze-no-kataribe"

  • Venues:Sapporo City (Hokkaido) and some cities (outside Hokkaido) are in the process of making shedules.

Cultural Festival

This is a project to promote the national understanding of the Ainu and Ainu culture by holding the Ainu Cultural Festival, which aims to comprehensively introduce Ainu dancing, music and other cultural events to the general public both inside and outside Hokkaido.

<Scheduled dates of the Festival in 2012>

  • May 11 (Fri.) Ainu Theater IKOR (Kushiro, Hokkaido)
  • June 23 (Sat.) CHITOSEPIA HALL Nagasaki (Nagasaki, Nagasaki prefecture)
  • August 18 (Sat.) Kaderu 2.7 (Sapporo, Hokkaido)
  • October 6 (Sat.) Tokyo International Forum (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

Support for museums and other institutions hosting Ainu culture exhibitions

Through this project, museums and other institutions receive subsidies for activities to provide opportunities for hands-on experience of Ainu culture and to hold exhibitions of Ainu-related collections. Such efforts give visitors more chances to encounter Ainu ways, such as the making of mukkuri (an Ainu musical instrument). Support is also provided for the promotion of Ainu culture and related educational activities by encouraging exhibitions of Ainu collections stored in museums.

  • Subsidies for projects to promote hands-on experience
  • Subsidies for exhibitions related to Ainu culture