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Supporting members

Recruitment of New Members

Supporting members are invited.
Although FRPAC is receiving financial support from the national and Hokkaido governments for conducting a variety of projects, it is essential to establish an independent management foundation in order to diversify and improve its projects. It is therefore important to have understanding and support from a wide range of individuals, groups and companies throughout the nation. FRPAC is inviting people who support the purpose of its establishment as supporting members.

Annual fees

  • Corporation/Organization: 20,000 yen per share
  • Individual: 5,000 yen per share
    * At least one share per member

Membership benefits

  • FRPAC publications will be distributed free of charge.
  • Information on exhibitions and other FRPAC events will be provided.

An application form is necessary to become a member. If you wish to join, please inquire at the FRPAC head office (Sapporo) or the Ainu Culture Center (Tokyo).

Use of membership fees

Membership fees are used for, purchasing Ainu culture-related books for our libraries and improving other FRPAC projects.