The 5th Ainu Oratorical Contest (Nov 10, 2001)

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The 5th Ainu Oratorical Contest (Nov 10, 2001)

"Itakan Ro (Let's speak)" in Ainu

Currently, there are language schools in 14 regions within Hokkaido, not to mention others in regions such as Kanto, where many people study the Ainu language, a language unique to the Ainu.
The Ainu Oratorical Contest is held to give students the opportunity to show each other what they have studied, to communicate and exchange information with people from other areas studying the language in the same way, and to bring people of the local community where it is held, in touch with the Ainu language and culture.
In this Fifth Contest, there were 23 participants, competing in 14 groups from various areas of Hokkaido as well as from Kanagawa, Osaka and Hyogo Prefectures, widely ranging from primary school students to people in their 60's. A large audience, including local people, attended.
In the future, the contest will be conducted in two divisions, Oral Literature Division and Oratorical Division, in consideration of limited opportunities to present oral literature.


Judges(honorific titles omitted)
Chairman Mutsuko Nakamoto (Teacher, Chitose Ainu Language School)
Judges Sada Ueno Teacher, Obihiro Ainu Language School
Hideo Kirikae Associate Professor, Hokkaigakuen University
Tomomi Sato Associate Professor, Hokkaido University


Results(honorific titles omitted)
Oral Literature Division
First Prize "Apehuci Kamuy" Akemi Oshino (Mukawa-cho, Hokkaido)
Rika Oshino (Mukawa-cho, Hokkaido)
Second Prize "Bear Ifumke" Kane Kumagai (Samani-cho, Hokkaido)
"God of Raccoon Dog Himself Talked" Mina Sakai (Sagamihara, Kanagawa Pref.)
"Waddle Silk Garment with Cuckoo Design" Yuji Yamada (Hayakita-cho, Hokkaido)
Oratorical Division
First Prize "Cikornai Hemanta An?" Akihiko Katsuyama (Ibaraki, Osaka)
Namiko Sato (Kawanishi, Hyogo Pref.)
Yumiko Nakamichi (Nishinomiya, Hyogo Pref.)
Second Prize "Old Custom, Ainu Custom" Yoshiyuki Morisaki (Shizunai-cho, Hokkaido)