The 8th Ainu Oratorical Contest (Nov. 6, 2004)

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The 8th Ainu Oratorical Contest (Nov. 6, 2004)

Itakan Ro (Let's speak) in Ainu

Currently, there are language schools in 14 regions within Hokkaido, not to mention others in regions such as Kanto, where many people study the Ainu language, a language unique to the Ainu.
The Ainu Oratorical Contest is held to give students the opportunity to show each other what they have studied, to communicate and exchange information with people from other areas studying the language in the same way, and to bring people of the local community where it is held, in touch with the Ainu language and culture.
In this Eighth Contest, there were 28 participants, competing in 25 groups from various areas of Hokkaido as well as from Akita, and Chiba Prefectures, including international students, widely ranging from primary school students to people in their 70's. A large audience, including local people, attended.


Judges(honorific titles omitted)
Chairman Sachiko Kibata (Teacher, Nibutani Ainu Language School)
Judges Kane Kumagai (Teacher, Samani Ainu Language School)
Setsuko Shiga (Part-time instructor, Chiba University)
Suzuko Tamura (Former Professor, Waseda University)


Results(honorific titles omitted)
Oral Literature Division
First Prize Kayo Kikuchi Fox monster Siranuka
Second Prize Mieko Izawa Moyuk Kimun kamui
(raccoon dog and bear)
Sadako Goto Fox charanke Tomakomai
Oratorical Division
First Prize Sumiko Kimura I want to speak in the Ainu language Obihiro
Second Prize Etsuko Isobe Ku Kor Ainuitak (my Ainu laguage) Shiranuka
Hanate Sugawara My encounter with the Ainu language Shimokawa