Transmission and reproduction of Ainu culture

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Transmission and reproduction of Ainu culture

Manual preparation

Although there are various tangible and intangible traditional lifestyles and cultural aspects of the Ainu, many traditional production techniques and rituals have been lost to posterity. A manual for reproduction of the Ainu lifestyle and culture is therefore being produced for a variety of users. In this manual, images, sounds, printed materials and other media are used simultaneously for each theme to preserve and reproduce traditional skills.

  • Productions in 2012:Printed manual:Personal ornaments

Practical advanced courses

  1. Training storytellers to pass down oral literature
    In this project, storytellers of traditional oral Ainu literature, such as yukar (epics of heroes), kamuy-yukar (stories of deities) and uwepeker (old tales), give direct instruction to train their successors.
  2. Training instructors to pass down traditionl culture, including wood carving and embroidery
    Classes for practicing Ainu culture, including traditional dancing, embroidery and wood carving, are held in Hokkaido and the Kanto area, where many Ainu live, to foster future leaders of Ainu culture.

Subsidizing activities to produce replicas of traditional Ainu craftwork

To transmit skills of traditional Ainu craftwork, subsidies are provided to cover some of the expenses of individuals or groups that produce replicas, in order to enhance the motivation, knowledge and skill of such people.

Preparation of audio-visual learning meterials on Ainu oral literature

This project is intended to promote Ainu culture through the creation of animated films on Yukar and other forms of oral literature featuring Ainu narration along with Japanese translations and subtitles for use as materials that introduce intangible aspects of Ainu heritage and as introductory learning materials relating to Ainu language and culture.